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About Our company

We are Specialty Reporting, Inc., a boutique court reporting firm. Nancy E. Paulsen is the owner and lead reporter. 

Nancy, a Florida native, began her reporting career in Sarasota, Florida in May of 1976. She is a Certified Realtime Reporter, Registered Professional Reporter, Florida Professional Reporter, and Realtime Systems Administrator.

In her long career, she has stayed current with industry technology, which has kept her very busy in her field. She has covered all types of reporting assignments, including vast experience in construction, tobacco litigation, medical malpractice, general business litigation, and aviation litigation.

When the first laptop computer came out, and along with that realtime software, Nancy immediately started providing realtime reporting, and over the years she has grown to love the demands and vast rewards of realtime, realtime through the cloud, daily copy jobs, and multi-week trials, but still loves reporting in general.

Nancy travels throughout the state of Florida to use her reporting skills, and is up for any reporting challenge that comes her way.

Specialty Reporting, Inc.

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